About us

New World Apparel is a Belgian based brand trying to give a fresh breath to the streetwear clothing.

For us, our creation are more than clothes ,like a good music, every item has is own story, his own message , the one that we gave to it but moreover the one that you gave to it. 

You will find their meaning trough our stories inclosed with our creations on the website. New World is a whole universe in constant evolution which may have an impact on yours. Through our logos, we are trying to give a criticism on our actuel world.

The people working directly on our creations are local artist such as designer or author. We want to build human relation before a simple business relation with our partner.

"Show the world what you stand for,express yourself, express your style"

Our mission

In New World Apparel we strongly believe that a more ethical way of living is necessery in our society, Even trough clothing as the  industry is bad in terms of environement and social conditions.Ethics and environment are at the heart of our business and our choices trough all of our supply chain. All our partenairs are companies who shared our vision of the world. Regarding our customers, we want to be as transparent as possible, this is why you will always find who our suppliers are and the labels they are working with.


To respect our vision, having a supplier who share our values is essential. Environment labels and moreover No Child Labor Policy was our top priority. This is why we have chosen a supplier in which we can fully trust and who possesses valuable and reliable Labels. Our supplier must have a clear vision of his supply chain, which mean for us that all their partners must also respect all our values. Every person involved in the crafting of our products has to be a winner also trough safety place of work, decent wage and the respect and wellbeing of the workforce.

Labels of our suppliers

Fruit of the Loom ; click on their logo for more information

Fruit of the Loom ; click on their logo for more information

Printing process

Regarding our printing, we are using manual screen priting. We print ourselves with water-based ink which doesn't use any heavy metals and respect the label of non-chimichal products OEKO-TEX 100 (find it above)

Regarding the cleaning of our screens, we are using mainly (when we don't need a high pressure) the raining water, for the ink and the emulsion cleaning. If the inks ask a more specific cleaning process, we use a bio-cleaning product.

To save electricity, our screens dry in the open air and the resistance of the screen is reinforced with the sunbaim, even if we use a lamp to burn the logo inside the screen.

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